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No automation or bots. 100% human-powered service to grow your Instagram account.

How we work


We take the time to understand your goals and preferred audience in order to create a customized growth plan specifically for your account. Your new audience will be actually engaged with your content.


After evaluating your profile and finding that perfect audience we start working by engaging with them. With consistent social interactions we manage to organically connect with the right individuals and grow your account over time.


By working together, you will start to see the most genuine Instagram growth. Now your Instagram profile starts to gain more brand awareness, influence or generate leads / sales. 


We never use gimmicks or bots. We're a real agency.

When other providers use automation software or bots to grow your account, our service is lead by real human experts doing research and making strategic decisions. We’re an agency that believes in doing things the right way. Every action is 100% Instagram compliant. Don’t put your account in danger with other shady providers.

Our Benefits - Why Use Influinn?

Now that we have identified your target audience, the hard work starts. Our team will begin interacting with that audience by liking their photos, leaving comments and following strategic accounts*. We do all of this while keeping up to date with Instagram’s terms of service to the best of our ability. (*only on follower growth subscription plans)

We engage with individuals who are relevant to your brand. By using targeted hashtags, focusing on followers of other popular accounts in your space, and specific locations, we can make sure only your ideal audience is targeted.

Once we begin interacting with your target audience, that’s when the fun begins! As a result of our team’s strategic persistence, you will see an increase in traffic to your Instagram profile and content.

With the increased awareness, your account starts to naturally grow. We’ll help you along the way, so you keep posting great content to maximize your success.  With every new follower, you get the potential to strengthen your brand and increase revenue.


Who uses Influinn?


Instagram Influencers

If you’re already an Instagram superstar, we’ll take it to the next level to ensure you get maximum exposure and earnings from your account.



We work with dozens of agencies to help achieve real growth for their clients. We’ll help you to grow their following and get more brand awareness. 



If you‘re selling a service or product online, spend your budget wisely. Get better ROI by increasing your influence and followers to reach more potential customers.


New Accounts

New accounts get huge benefits from our service as it speeds up the growth right from the beginning. Don‘t waste your time or money at the beginning of your journey.



Let Influinn team grow your social presence, while you focus on the brand. We‘ll amplify your audience on Instagram, so you will have more time to create amazing content.


Local Businesses

Every business has to invest time, talent, and money into social media to get more awareness. Keep growing your business and let us build your social presence on Instagram.

Industries Served


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$89 /month

  • 100% Hand-Made Growth
  • Targeted & Real Followers
  • Organic Followers
  • Personal Manager
  • Monthly Reports


$129 / month

  • 100% Hand-Made Growth
  • Everything in Engagement Plan
  • Content Evaluation
  • Profile Evaluation
  • Hashtag Research

Growth + Ads

$299 / month


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About Influinn

The old way

As Instagram professionals, we kept asking the same question – why was it that some companies promise tens or hundreds of thousands of followers without putting any effort? The answer was simple – most of the competition was using bots, scripts, and software automation to grow accounts artificially. Everything was great… right?  Not exactly.

By using automation, all accounts eventually get suppressed or disabled, bots liked some embarrassing photos, posted irrelevant content.


Our way

There was a better way. That’s why we created Influinn. We use some of the same and more advanced principles that bots used and apply it to a human and compliant growth activities. The service today is exceptionaly unique, and we’re proud to say that we‘ll never use automation on your account.

Give us a try and see the difference for yourself!

Save time and money

Strategies guided by real human experts

24/7 client support

Overall Instagram assistance and consulting

100% safe methods

Results in your first week


Influinn is social media marketing agency powered by real people, we are not using any kind of bots or software. Growing Instagram profiles for our loyal clients organically is our main goal. In addition, we are 100% compliant with Instagram’s policies.

We need to have your Instagram credentials in order to log-in. The process is simple. As we’ll be logging into your profile from a different location you are going to receive a security notification from Instagram. We will let you know before logging into your profile, you will be assured that it is our team logging in.

Unfortunately, but no. If your profile was being used on automation or you have bought fake followers for it, then it is most likely that Instagram has restricted your profile. In that case, it takes much longer to get your trust score back to normal, but it is possible. If your profile is clean then results will be great! Most important thing is that you focus on high quality content and engage with your audience.

Yes, only real and targeted followers. Real people bringing you real results using a variety of best Instagram marketing tactics. We at Influinn are not using any software or bots for growing your profile. Therefore, we are not selling followers, likes or comments. This is a social media marketing agency that helps you grow your Instagram profile organically.

Great question! When you open an account we will ask you to send us target accounts, competitors, and preferred hashtags that correspond to your account. By only targeting the users who meet that criteria, they should be interested in the content that you post, which will lead to more traffic, engagement, sales, or leads. Though, keep in mind that you are responsible for consistently posting great content.

Most advanced and up to date marketing tactics are being used. We identify your perfect audience – people that are likely to follow, engage and even purchase from you, that are interested in your brand niche. We are going to follow profiles that are in your targeted audience and unfollow them after certain amount of time. Also, we are going to like and comment their latest posts. Create fan pages, collaborate with influencers in your niche and boost your content via Instagram advertising. 


Let's create something extraordinary together