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Instagram Fan Pages

Creating an Instagram presence nowadays isn’t an easy thing to do. Your brand has to be on point – interesting, compelling, having a great story and especially smooth content strategy. When your profile is already well done and ready to roll we can give it an additional boost. That is where Instagram fan pages come in handy.

What is a fan page?

To give a simple example this is a fan page of Dwayne Johnson The Rock – https://www.instagram.com/therockfanpage.1. As you can see it has a lot of followers and quite good engagement.

Why a fan page is important?

Fan pages are an additional source of the traffic to your main Instagram profile. It helps to bring brand awareness and overall visits. The picture below explains how the audience flows from the fan pages to the main profile.

As you can see the audience generated by fan pages flows to the main Instagram profile. This results in more profile visits, more followers and overall engagement. The fear is missing out is real here, whenever you have a fan page of yours people are interested to see why and most of the time they end up sticking with your main profile.

What actions does the fan page perform?

Identifying – we analyze your competitors, similar profiles to yours, hashtags and location.

Follow/Unfollow – we will follow profiles, then after 3-5 (for your followers to stick) days unfollow them. Only high-quality, genuine, profiles that fit your target audience and engage with your brand will be followed. So far this method brings the best results in order to grow.

Liking – after following the user a few of the most recent posts will be liked. This increases the follow back chance and opportunity to get back some likes on your own posts.

Commenting – in addition to liking a few of the most recent posts they can also be commented on. The client provides his manager with an approved list of comments that fit his personal branding voice.

Story Viewing – we view stories of your perfect audience and reply with an emoji.


All this brings attention to your fan page which results in users checking your main profile too. If they are convinced that your brand is for them you will get a follow and a lot more.

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