Instagram Influencer Collaboration

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Instagram Influencer Collaboration

Collaboration with an influencer is a very cost-effective way of promoting your Instagram brand. Pairing up with someone with a similar target audience as yours is both beneficial and necessary in order to grow your Instagram profile organically.

Why it is important to collaborate with an influencer?

Imagine that your Instagram profile with 1000 followers has a 7% engagement. On the other hand, we have an influencer in your niche (with a similar audience that you need) who has more than 10000 followers, has great engagement, around 11%, produces great content and is a known brand. Getting a so-called “shoutout” from this type of profile is crucial to your Instagram brand. Not only it will bring some new eye-balls to your profile, but you will get recognized more. Also, this helps with the complicated Instagram algorithm. If you post content while the collaboration is live, then it helps your content to climb up on the Instagram Explore page for specific hashtags.

How exactly a shoutout from an influencer looks like?


How does it work?

We will identify the perfect influencers for your collaborations, provide you with the list and you can help us to choose with whom you wish to run a promotion. Then we will reach out to them. Of course, several rules will be followed when identifying your perfect shoutout:

  • We will ensure that their principles match your brand.
  • They have an active audience with no fake followers.
  • This specific profile didn’t do any promotions with your competitors.

After getting to know the influencer/brand who will be responsible for this collaboration we create a post with caption and hashtags that this specific profile will post to their feed or story. Results and everything else regarding this promotion will be communicated with you via your personal manager.

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