Instagram Security Verification

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Instagram Security Verification

The first time your manager logs into your Instagram profile there will be a security process in order to gain access to your profile.

1. Was This You?

When your personal manager tries to login into your profile for the first time you will get prompted a security message in your Instagram application. In order to verify our access simply click on the “It Was Me” which grants access to your profile for your manager. This is for Instagram security reasons, they want your profile to be safe, so you control who can gain access to it. This specific notification looks like this:

Important: Our team is global, so we can log-in from a variety of locations (USA, Europe and Asia). Your manager is going to let you know when he is logging in, so you can expect the security verification and know that is is safe.

2. Security Code

Sometimes your manager will require to enter a security code in order to login. It will be sent to the email address that is attached to your Instagram profile. Please forward this security code to your manager as fast as possible. Most of the time option above is enough, but sometimes when your manager tries to login he will require to enter the code. Example of how that email may look:

And that is how your manager will be able to login into your profile, simple as that. After successful verification you will be informed.

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